Words from the heartbreak

She loves him when he said her name for the first time, her full name.
She knows it's a kind of love she know she's not supposed to feel.
There so much boundaries between them, but the real strunggle is he doesn't love her like she does. She keeps loving him in silence, watching him from behind.
But she believes the love she have will makes her happy, makes him happy.
Time passes, everybody is moving on except her.
He never look at her, even just a glance.
She still believe she will have her time, he will love her somehow.
And in time, she meet him again. But he becomes someone she doesn't like, someone she doesn't respect.
She asking herself, "why is he changing so much?".
She keeps thinking of him at night, wishing to meet him in her dream.
But then she realize, she's the one who change.
They used to be on the same page, but she's opened a new chapter.
Her belief and his belief now seems like the sun and the moon, that will never met.
He sees life as some kind of linear, she sees life as a grey area.
In the end, she learns to love herself more. Then she know that she loves herself, her belief, her dream more so she's letting him go.
But let the rest of her feelings burried in her heart.

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